Our website chronicles projects, tips and ideas on how to live in suburban and rural America faithfully, sustainably, organically, and happily using today's technology and best practices. We are homesteading and providing our family with as much food as we can from our own land. We'd love for you to come along, share the journey with us, while creating a sustainable journey of your own.

We moved from a half-acre lot in a subdivision to a 25-acre farm in the Fall of 2016. We were formerly known as Simple Suburban Living, when we started growing our own food on our small plot of land. 

The SSL Dad and Mom


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SSL Family Dad

My name is Todd, and I'm the dad of Sustainable Simple Living. I am a computer technician who enjoys working on DIY projects. Some of those projects include gardening, wood working, aquaponics, raising farm animals, and sustainability, while leading my family to follow Jesus and serve the Lord with all our hearts. I am looking forward to sharing my best practices with you, as well as some of the pitfalls that one can run into when doing things yourself. 


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SSL Family Mom

My name is Lisa, and I'm the mom of Sustainable Simple Living. My husband and I decided to start sharing our lives with the online community because we've always been so appreciative of what the Internet has done for us. Whenever we want to learn how to do something, we Google it, or hop on YouTube to watch a video tutorial. Now it's our turn to give back and hopefully help others out there just like us. I stepped out of corporate America four years ago and that is when we decided to slow down, and start cooking our own meals and growing our own food. We've learned what we think is the best way to live! But life isn't always easy around our house. We make lots of mistakes and ask for forgiveness a lot, too. We are ever so grateful to God for sending Jesus to save our souls and try to live everyday in gratitude of His love and grace, and love sharing our faith with others.


The SSL Kids

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