Where you live doesn't matter.

YOU CAN live sustainably, YOU CAN grow your own food, YOU CAN Do-It-Yourself.

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beginning The  journey

Let us help you get started. We will show you how easy it is with some simple ways to begin.  You'll be on your way to a more self-reliant, sustainable way of living....today!

gardening & aquaponics

We think the ultimate meal is the one you produce entirely yourself from seed to plate. You can grow your own food. Take advantage of our gardening best practices!

Do-it-yourself Projects, Repairs & Recipes

Free plans, how-to's and step-by-step instructions that are guaranteed to save you money. Don't hire someone to do something you can easily do yourself. We also share some of our favorite homemade recipes that will help you cut down on chemicals and processed food.

Honey Bees

Raw honey! Honey bees are an excellent, sustainable solution to any backyard or farm. Learn how to raise them and build your own hive. 


Chickens are the gateway animal to homesteading. They are an all-around great resource for food and compost. We offer free chicken coop plans, as well as tips on care and feeding. 

MILK Goats & Pigs

Goats are extremely friendly and make excellent companion animals. Follow along as we have two pregnant goats due to give birth in the spring of 2017!  We also added a breeding pair of American Guinea Hogs to our farm in December 2016. Free range, pastured pork!